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Articles Not Accepted for Shipping or Storage by the Moving and Storage Industry

Hazardous materials, as defined by the U.S. Secretary of Transporation, are not accepted for shipping:

Some of the materials most common to household use are indicatd below.

A. Combustible Liquids:

Alcohols (Rubbing)
Lubricants (Motor Oil)
Anti-Freeze Compounds

B. Corrosives:

Drain Cleaner
Photographic Acids Used in Developing Film
Batteries (Wet or Dry)
Water Purifying Agents Used in Swimming Pools

C. Explosives

Small Arms Ammunition
Flash Bulbs

D. Flammables

Lighter Fluid
Wood Oil Stains
Petrol Chemical Base Garden Sprays
Paint or Varnish
Paint or Varnish Removers
Butane/Propane Gasoline
Signal Flares
Charcoal Briquettes

E. Compressed Gases:

Aerosol Cans
Fire Extinguishers
Scuba Diving Tanks

F. Seed, Fresh Fruits or Flowers

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If you have any questions about whether something at your house belongs on this list, call us at 888-505-NAVL (6285).

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